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If overloading on history has made you think Mykonos is something of a relic, think again; this cosmopolitan enclave is one of Greece’s more sophisticated clubbing-mad islands and there are plenty of slick VIP bars where you can down an ouzo and dance along to celeb DJs.

The next day if you’re feeling a little delicate, see if you can stomach a gentle sail up and down the coast.

La Piazetta ( 30 (0)2) serves Italian food, which may seem like a counterintuitive recommendation for your Grecian getaway; but with inventive dishes such as smoked salmon and swordfish millefuille with pineapple and goat cheese, you won’t mind that it’s not Cycladian.

The Archaeological Museum ( 30 (0)2) has artefacts dating back to the fifth century BC and the Mykonos Folklore Museum ( 30 (0) 2) has a cache of painted pots and stories of the island’s piratical past.The hotel will fetch you from the island’s airport (€20 for a shared transfer, €55 private), which can be reached from the UK with Easy Jet ( or Thomson Airways ( more choice, there are regular flights between Mykonos and Athens, Thessaloniki, Rhodes, Santorini and Crete in the summer.The rustic exposed brick walls and flagstone pavements are brought into the 21st century with cherry-red ‘nest’ chandeliers, chalkboard-style prints of boat blueprints and a webbed ceiling over the terrace.Upmarket fish dishes – linguine with sea urchin and prawns with ouzo sauce – are the order of the day here.

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