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CRUZ: Listen, I understand frustration with Washington as well as anybody.You know, I will say that I think I'm in a relatively unusual (INAUDIBLE), in that there are not many people that can speak with real credibility to conservatives but can also speak to moderates, can speak to leadership, can speak to the administration.Dodd-Frank is driving community banks out of business. And that's all the capital that goes to small businesses and creates jobs. But I'm not going to throw someone under the bus for what was an honest mistake that caused, you know, a whole lot of laughter on Twitter, but was not malicious. CRUZ: I can tell you, the lawyers in my office, nobody wanted to do the case. The last several weeks, we've seen Texans coming together in a way that's been powerful, in a way that has been -- there's been a unity of people risking their lives to save others, helping others, giving sacrificially.If Republicans want to win, we have the opportunity in 2018 to grow our Senate majority to win. As soon as we found out about it, we pulled it down. And one of the things that I hear from Texans a lot is how glad they are we're focusing on the things that matter instead of the nonsense, the story and scandal of the day and all the nonsense that seems to consume a lot of the national (INAUDIBLE)--BASH: Let's talk about Obama Care.I think on regulations, the regulatory steps have been very, very positive. If we make compromises that make the problem worse, so for example, on Obama Care, if we just see a giant bailout for the insurance companies and nothing for the consumers, whose premiums are skyrocketing, that's a bad compromise. But if we're honoring our promises, then we're doing the right thing.And so I'm going to continue encouraging the president, encouraging the administration, encouraging Congress, let's do what we said we would do. I am a passionate believer in a simple flat tax, a simple flat tax that's fair and uniform for everyone. I intend to continue fighting for that and to keep fighting to abolish the IRS. BASH: I have to ask you (INAUDIBLE) get going, but I have to ask you about Steve Bannon, who said on "60 Minutes" (INAUDIBLE) recently that he's declaring war on the GOP leaders, Mitch Mc Connell and Paul Ryan in the House.

I'll tell you now, I don't think we're done with it. I think we're a lot closer than many observers believe. CRUZ: I think those are the two big, big things we need to accomplish. And I am spending every waking moment now trying to bring Republicans together.And the Health and Human Services Agency concluded that The Consumer Freedom Amendment would increase insurance coverage by 2.2 million people and decrease premiums by ,000 a year.Now, if you're a working person, if you're a single mom waiting tables, if you're a factory worker, seven grand a year is real money.Reagan said what do you do if they offer you half a lemon? I mean we've been given an opportunity that doesn't happen very often.History has shown, we don't very often get a Republican president, Republican heads of every agency, Republican majorities in both houses.

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