He sends mixed signals dating

Coz when you go all in for a romp with someone with whom you do not have a ‘clear’ equation with, you are accountable for your own actions.Avoid being prey to the victim mentality and do what you think you’d not bemoan later. Behind the scenes action Sometimes, the skeletons in the closet may be a reason guys fear going all in.

So if you find him contradicting himself in words and actions, maybe he is just trying to gauge if you are interested enough to pursue them. However, if he still behaves like a cranky parent who is never satisfied with the digits on the report card, bail! Blurry boundaries Some guys just take the mixed signals game a tad bit too far.

Not sure if he’s stringing you along or is open to something concrete in the future?

Cannot decode his pattern of blowing hot and cold with you? Worried that he has slipped into a pattern of being available at his convenience?

There’s no solution to setting boundaries in an equation that is, in itself, undefined and muddled.

The ‘is he there or not’ dilemma haunts every woman who receives mixed signals from a guy.

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